Manage ISO Compliance in Microsoft 365

Leverage Microsoft 365

Implementing a standard such as ISO27001 is enough work as it is. Do you really want to have a new separate tool to go with it? Do your colleagues like to have their work spread out over many different places?

No! Use what you have, which is Microsoft 365. Simply extend it with lightweight functionality. Highly effective features will put a smile on your face. You’ll be delighted with the simplicity that clears your head and allows you to get work done.

Excel doesn’t cut it

Yes, it’s brilliant. We can all spend hours perfecting our beloved sheets. But it’s not for everything. ISOPlanner will help you out where Excel just isn’t the perfect fit.

You need a place in Microsoft 365 for you to create a simple overview of risks, measures and related items. An accurate history of who made changes. Control who has access, link related documents, plan and maintain control over tasks. You need ISOPlanner.

Here’s the most powerful part

ISOPlanner brings the worlds of ISO management and the Workplace together. Use Microsoft 365 to collect results from the Workplace throughout the year.

Within Outlook and Teams, everyone contributes, making processes more efficient and the results more reliable.

Ready for the external audit!

Continuous improvement

ISOPlanner supports the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle (PDCA) for organization controls. From planning controls and doing the work, to performing internal audits and act on the results.
ISOPlanner helps you plan and execute your internal audits and gather evidence. No more stress before the external audit!

What our customers say

"With ISOPlanner I can keep track of everything in one place. Following procedure is very easy as I always have an overview of who’s doing what and which tasks need attention."
Mary Bell
Risk Officer
“Having one person overseeing all work regarding compliance was never very effective. Too many tasks to keep track of and too little time.
Now managing tasks with ISOPlanner allows us to have 100% confidence that we’re keeping our certification.”
Jack Styles
“ISOPlanner saves us a lot of time. We keep track of everything from our Office environment, without having to use yet another software to get work done. Now we can spend more time focusing on our main job.”
Cliff Barringer
HR Manager
“There is a noticeable difference between our clients that use ISOPlanner and the ones that don’t. Less overwhelmed, less stressed. ISOPlanner helps our clients manage easily the amount of work necessary for compliance. They now focus on what needs to be done, not on who should have done it.”
Patricia Clerk
ISO Consultant
“As an auditor, I don’t see very often systems as organized as ISOPlanner.
It’s very intuitive and makes it easy for businesses to integrate into their work system.
I see that with ISOPlanner businesses are fully in control.”
Raymond de Groot

Multiple standard support

If you’re certified for more than one ISO standard, ISOPlanner will be vital for you. With ISOPlanner you manage multiple ISO standards, taking overlap into account. And we ensure that you always stay up-to-date with changes. 

You can combine overlapping parts of a standard into your own requirements. For example, ‘Leadership’ in ISO9001 and ISO27001.

Every standard has a fixed set of requirements and controls as defined by, but you can define custom standardsas well. For example, for investors or other stakeholders that require additional privacy rules. 


Risk Management

The Risk Management module supports several stages. From identifying and analyzing, to treating and accepting. We help you manage tasks to analyse the risk which is often done by different departments. Doing so is easy on the Kanban board together with the risk owners.

Based on the configurable risk score model, choose to avoid, transfer, mitigate or accept. Select one or more controls for which you or project managers can create tasks to implement them. You always have an overview of the current implementation status!


Determine the organization policy around the controls and create tasks to implement them. All task results are scored so you have an accurate insight in your performance for the internal and external audit.

Attach documents, training videos and assets to the control to give everyone the information they need. And have a conversation about it! To discuss the policy or receive feedback for continuous improvement.

Task Management

Send requests to perform tasks. If they accept, they can schedule the task directly in their Outlook calendar where they’ll have access to associated checklists and documentation. You’ll get notified of important changes and overdue tasks.

Tasks can be recurring or incidental and can be managed on a Kanban board for your team. They can also be created based on a template. For example, for a new hire, a list of things always needs to be done.

Outlook Integration

All your work in one place with our Outlook plugin! All information about the task can be found directly in Outlook next to your appointment. Mark items in the checklist that are done or need attention.

Next to the checklist you can access documentation and upload evidence. And add a conversation to the task which allows your colleagues to easily follow up or gain insight into what happened when an auditor asks.

Alerts, Dashboard and reporting

The most important KPI’s and activities are shown on the comprehensive dashboard. Gain insight into where you stand with implementing the norm and where possible bottlenecks lie.

ISOPlanner will notify whenever a task needs your attention. For example, when a task is overdue or when someone deleted an appointment from their Outlook calendar.


Basic Recommended for organizations with up to
25 employees
per month
  • 2 standards
  • 1 management user
  • 25 normal users
  • Unlimited consultant/auditor accounts
  • Task management and operational planning
  • Risk management
  • Outlook and SharePoint integration
  • Registration and monitoring of standards
  • Dashboard and reporting
Premium Recommended for large organizations and
per month
  • Unlimited standards
  • 3 management users
  • 300 normal users
  • Unlimited consultant/auditor accounts
  • All features of Business
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Access to roadmap sessions


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