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Outlook Integration

Ease Of Use Following Up Or Gaining Insights

All your work in one place with our Outlook plugin! All information about the task can be found directly in Outlook next to your appointment. Check off tasks that are done or need attention.

Next to the checklist you can access documentation and upload evidence. And add a conversation to the task which allows your colleagues to easily follow up or allows an auditor to gain insight into what happened.

Sharepoint Integration

Safe Document Storage

All documentation, from policies to evidence, is stored in Microsoft SharePoint. Your organization is and remains the owner of all documentation. This is safer from a security and business continuity perspective than other solutions.

With our smart integration, documentation is directly visible in ISOPlanner in the context of almost all elements like assets (support contracts), requirements (policies), controls (evidence) and risks (evaluation).  

Workflow Integrated Approvals

Ease Of Use Approving Policies

According to many frameworks, important documents like policies need to be approved. ISOPlanner offers a simple and flexible approval flow. This simple solution is build-in using tasks. You can choose documents to approve and select approvers. And an e-mail is send with an approval link.

You can create templates with approvers for different documents. You can also create a Power Automate workflow with a few steps that use Microsoft Teams to send the approval. This way, colleagues do not need an ISOPlanner license and can approve using their mobile phone. Using a workflow, any business scenario can be implemented. 

Teams Collaboration

Simply Sharing Knowledge

Sharing knowledge about the implemented compliance frameworks is important to stimulate internal adoption. We think there is no better way than to surface important information using Microsoft Teams.

With our add-on in the Microsoft Teams Store, colleagues are presented with their most important documents. And they can full-text search for relevant information. The available information for each team can be authorized and new versions are actively pushed. As a manager, you can see statistics on both team and user level about ready activities. 

I often worked with Excel sheets and checklists, where entering and checking all tasks was time-consuming. We are very satisfied with ISOPlanner: it maps out what you do, how you monitor and execute it. For us it is the Ferrari of information security management systems!

Tanja de Haan
Level Software

We started using ISOPlanner in January for ISO-27001 certification and the audit took place in September. Little preparation was required for this audit because everything was properly recorded so employees were able to adequately answer questions from the auditor.

Wendy Rockx
Intersoftware & FinData

The auditor was very impressed by the product and how it ties everything together – an auditor’s dream. He said after seeing the system it will be easier to conduct the stage 2 audit and won’t require as many days.

Tracy Usher
Credit Collection Services Group

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