BIO 1.04 certification and information security

What is the BIO 1.04 standard?

BIO 1.04 is an important standard in the field of information security. Here we explain to you what this standard means, to whom it applies, and what the most important measures in this set of standards are.

Who does this standard apply to?

BIO 1.04 was developed by the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) and applies to all organizations within the Dutch government that are responsible for processing sensitive information. This includes ministries, municipalities, provinces, and other government agencies.

Features of the BIO 1.04 standard

BIO 1.04 aims to ensure and improve information security within government organizations. The standard contains guidelines and measures in various areas. Examples include physical security, network security, incident management, and employee awareness training.

The norm is based on international standards and best practices in the field of information security, such as ISO 27001 and NEN 7510. This makes BIO 1.04 a widely accepted standard that ensures a uniform approach to information security within the Dutch government.

The most important measures from the BIO 1.04 standard set

BIO 1.04 contains a comprehensive list of measures that government organizations must implement to ensure information security. Some examples of key measures are:

Risk analysis

Conducting regular risk analyses to identify potential information security weaknesses.

Access Control

Implementing strict access control systems to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Data classification

Classifying all data according to their confidentiality, integrity, and availability so that governments can take appropriate security measures.

Awareness programs

Regular training and awareness of employees around information security risks and measures.

Incident Management

Implementing a structured incident management process to adequately respond to and recover from security incidents.

These measures, along with many others, help create a robust information security culture within government organizations. Thus, these measures ensure that sensitive information remains well protected.


BIO 1.04 is an essential information security standard for the Dutch government. It provides guidelines and measures to ensure and improve information security within government organizations.

By following this standard, government agencies can protect their sensitive information from threats and risks. Implementing key measures from this set of criteria, such as risk analysis, access control, and awareness programs, contributes to a more robust information security culture within the organization.

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