Effortless Compliance Management in Microsoft 365

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Full Compliance Management

Simple, Efficient and Scalable

Every management system needs to support multiple standards and de-duplication of requirements and controls.

This is the basis that adds value on top of Wiki- or Excel based solutions. Additionally, specific compliance management features add more value to support the PDCA cycle and reduce risks.

Effortless Compliance Management

The Fastest Implementation and Best Collaboration

At ISOPlanner, we recognize that implementing an ISO standard or other compliance framework is an internal project with external consequences. Therefore, we offer unique features for efficient project planning and collaboration.

Microsoft 365 is used (Outlook, SharePoint and Teams) to schedule and handle tasks, share knowledge and collaborate on required documentation!


Automate Processes and Collect Evidence

Compliance Automation lets you scale your business. This is becoming more important with an increasing number of frameworks.

ISOPlanner lets you automate almost everything.


Powered By Microsoft 365

ISOPlanner is fully integrated with Microsoft 365. You can use the tools you already use: Outlook, SharePoint and Teams to schedule and handle tasks, share knowledge and collaborate on required documentation.

It’s like having a full ISMS in Microsoft 365!

I often worked with Excel sheets and checklists, where entering and checking all tasks was time-consuming. We are very satisfied with ISOPlanner: it maps out what you do, how you monitor and execute it. For us it is the Ferrari of information security management systems!

Tanja de Haan
Level Software

We started using ISOPlanner in January for ISO-27001 certification and the audit took place in September. Little preparation was required for this audit because everything was properly recorded so employees were able to adequately answer questions from the auditor.

Wendy Rockx
Intersoftware & FinData

The auditor was very impressed by the product and how it ties everything together – an auditor’s dream. He said after seeing the system it will be easier to conduct the stage 2 audit and won’t require as many days.

Tracy Usher
Credit Collection Services Group

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