Related information pane

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There are arrow-icons to open and close a pane with additional information on an item on the right-hand side of the screen.

Open pane #

Close pane #

Tabs #


The context tab shows other items that are related to the current one. For items in a hierarchy, the parent and child items are shown. Other relationships can be linked manually. The tab will always say which type of items you can link to. Use the trashcan icon in the ‘Remove’ column to remove a link.


The activity tab shows the main changes that were made to the current item and previous comments. This is also the place to add new comments to the item.


The library tab shows linked documents and allows for linking more documents.

Use the ‘Add’ button to link another document. If you click that button, next step is to select a category. When you select a category, you can select an existing document from the library or add a new one to it.

For each linked document, there is an icon to ‘pin’ the document as a tab and an icon to remove it.

When a document is pinned, a new tab is added to the current item. That tab has the name of the pinned document. When opened, you’ll see the content of the document. See [Tabs with content preview].

The library tab also has a ‘Show all’ checkbox. When checked, library content linked to items higher and lower in the hierarchy are also shown.


The changelog tab shows a list of all changes made to the current item. For a list of changes made to all items except to risks, controls and tasks, see [changelog tab in Settings].