Personal settings

When logged in, click the gearbox icon in the top right to access your personal settings.

Dark mode #

With dark mode enabled, the background of the application is dark with a light font.

Language and timezone #

Select your user interface language for ISOPlanner here. This does not affect the language shown to other users in your organization. The available languages are controlled in settings – general. Choose the Use Microsoft Account option to always have the ISOPlanner language be the same as in your Microsoft 365 applications.

The link “Change the language of your account” will take you to Settings & Privacy for your Microsoft account where you can change the language for your Microsoft account.

Enable organization switch #

Enable this option when you are invited for guest access to another organizations’ ISOPlanner environment. This is one step in a series, all required to get access. See How to add a consultant to ISOPlanner for more information on this topic.

Enabling this option requires additional permissions to be granted to ISOPlanner. Depending on the configuration of your Microsoft tenant, this may require someone with Administrator privileges in Microsoft 365 to grant these permissions. The Microsoft pop-up which appears after enabling this option will inform you what exactly is required to do this.

If the Microsoft popup says that you don’t have sufficient privileges to grant the required access to ISOPlanner, have someone who does log in to ISOPlanner here: and enable the organization switch option for themselves.

Default organization #

Select your home organization. This organization can be used for SharePoint when you switch to another organization as guest.