ISOPlanner vs ISMS.Online

Our customers choose ISOPlanner because our software supports both existing and newly established Information Security Management Systems in a fast, accessible, user-friendly way with great support. In addition, ISOPlanner supports all major frameworks, from information security to quality management in Microsoft 365. And best of all: at a fraction of the costs!

ISOPlanner is trusted by over 200 companies


ISOPlanner vs ISMS.Online

Side-by-side comparison

Pricing✅ Starting at 53 EUR p/mWe are many times cheaper because we build on top of existing state-of-the-art Microsoft technology.
Document & evidence ownershipYou retain ownership of all your sensitive
documentation stored in your own SharePoint environment.
Task handlingWith support of recurring tasks, operational plans and kanban boards, users can handle their tasks also from within Microsoft Teams and Outlook and managers easily control progress and deadlines.
Basic ISO management featuresRisk management, Asset management, Supply chain management, Control management, Policy management.
TemplatesISOPlanner integrates with the world-famous and proven Instant 27001 templates. Also available for many other standards.
Reporting⚠️ Integrated✅ Integrated and Microsoft Power BIWith Microsoft Power BI, you can combine ISOPlanner data with data from other systems for better overall compliance reports.
People engagementWith tight integration into your Microsoft environment, your colleagues can easily schedule their tasks in Outlook and collaborate on tasks in Teams. Using Power Automate, you can engage colleagues in document approvals, incident handling, notifications and all other workflows you need.
API / Connectivity⚠️ PartlyWith Power Automate & Zapier integrations, ISOPlanner is able to perform a wide range of operations and respond to many triggers. From tasks management to document workflow approvals to collecting evidence for your compliance controls.
Microsoft integrationWe provide out the box features to schedule your tasks in Outlook, have your documents and evidence in SharePoint (you retain ownership!), automate evidence collection using Power Automate and more!
Free virtual office hoursDuring our free virtual office hours you can ask us anything about compliance and learn from our experience in compliancy.

Our Customers Love Us

I often worked with Excel sheets and checklists, where entering and checking all tasks was time-consuming. We are very satisfied with ISOPlanner: it maps out what you do, how you monitor and execute it. For us it is the Ferrari of information security management systems!

Tanja de Haan
Level Software

We started using ISOPlanner in January for ISO-27001 certification and the audit took place in September. Little preparation was required for this audit because everything was properly recorded so employees were able to adequately answer questions from the auditor.

Wendy Rockx
Intersoftware & FinData

We used ISOPlanner to get our company certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. ISOPlanner provided the right mindset and assistance in conducting the audit preparation. The process went quickly, thanks to the guidance that the tool offers.

Andre Wiersma
SalesManager Software

Why Choose ISOPlanner

Simplify ISO compliance in Microsoft 365

Excel just doesn’t cut it. With ISOPlanner all compliance requirements are embedded in the Microsoft products you already use. Simply extend Microsoft 365 with lightweight functionality. Highly effective features will put a smile on your face. You’ll be delighted with the simplicity that clears your head and allows you to get work done.

Faster ISO implementation

Save time getting your ISO 27001 certification or upgrading to 27001-2022. Let’s face it, implementing a standard like ISO 27001 is no walk in the park. But with ISOPlanner in Microsoft 365 you won’t need to use a new separate tool. You and your colleagues can collaborate in one central location, making the process a breeze. Implementing ISO won’t get any faster than this.

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