ISO standards #

Where to find it in ISOPlanner:

Activate your ISO standards or other frameworks here. The number of standards that you can have activated at the same time depends on your ISOPlanner subscription type – see the pricing page for more information.

Custom standards #

Where to find it in ISOPlanner:

If you have a set of requirements and/or controls that you want to work with, that is not listed in the “ISO standards” tab, then you can add the framework as a custom standard.

Click the “Add new custom standard” button to create a new custom standard. Then give it a name, optionally a description and whether the standard is active. To add requirements and controls to the custom standard, create them in their respective menus and then use the “related standards” button for each requirement and control to link them to the custom standard.

For already created custom standards, there are options to edit and delete them.