Your organisation works with Microsoft 365, including Office, Outlook and Teams.

ISOPlanner is an add-on for Microsoft 365. Register anything that’s needed for your ISO certification(s) with this platform, and:

  • Create (repeating) tasks which can be scheduled directly in Outlook;
  • With the dashboard and the operational plan you’ll be in control regarding all upcoming tasks, deadlines and processes;
  • All knowledge on policy, processes and risks will be made available for your colleagues through the Teams app;
  • and more!

Purchase Instant 27001 within ISOPlanner to gain a huge advantage!

With one click you’ll have a ready-to-run ISMS. Follow the supplied project plan to be ready for certification within weeks.


Instant 27001 Startup

1.995 one-time license
  • ISOPlanner license
  • (€ 49 per month)
  • One organization or legal entity
  • Not a holding/group
  • Maximum 25 employees

Instant 27001 Enterprise

3.995 one-time license
  • ISOPlanner license
  • (€ 297 per month)
  • A (large) holding or group
  • No maximum of subsidiairies
  • No maximum of employees

Instant 27001 is available for purchase in the ISOPlanner Store.