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SalesManager Software has been active in business automation in the Netherlands since 1989. It started with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to support sales processes. In recent years, SalesManager Software expanded this into a full-fledged ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. In doing so, SalesManager provides customized customizations. This is nice when a company has a different business model, where the standard software does not sufficiently fit.

Andre Wiersma is business consultant at SalesManager Software and works on new projects as well as on companies that have been customers for a long time. SalesManager Software grows with companies, and thinks along with them in business concepts.

ISOPlanner provides direction and guidance

In 2021, SalesManager Software decided to certify for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. In early 2022 a tentative start was made, there was no rush. In the summer of 2022 it became clear, that there was pressure behind the ISO certification because of a tender. The certification had to be completed when the contract was awarded, not just at the start of the project.

SalesManager Software started looking for a tool as well as an organization that could take them by the hand in the certification process. Two employees with knowledge of ISO certification looked broadly at a suitable tool and came across ISOPlanner. They chose this tool because they had a good feeling about the organization and because ISOPlanner offered everything SalesManager Software needed. The ISOPlanner contains the standard, the explanation and interpretation, and elaborations in SharePoint documents.

ISOPlanner provided the right mindset and help in preparing for the audit. From the ISO standard itself, it had not been possible to produce the documents needed for the audit. The process went quickly, due to the guidance provided by the tool.

We used ISOPlanner to get our company certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. ISOPlanner provided the right mindset and assistance in conducting the audit preparation. The process went quickly, thanks to the guidance that the tool offers.

Andre Wiersma


Ready for the audit in a short time

Andre says it was hard work to make it a successful process. Normally a process to achieve certification takes at least three to six months; there wasn’t that much time. During the summer, Andre worked with four colleagues on the ISO project, with support from an external agency. If there were questions, there was always a quick response from the ISOPlanner staff; they knew there was time pressure and responded promptly.

It was easy to find your way around ISOPlanner’s software, it did require training and getting used to it. By using it and sometimes making small mistakes, the employees discovered the right approach. For example, they learned to use the integration with SharePoint more strongly.

The two certificates (9001 and 27001) are more or less integrated into the planner. The standardization is clearly separated, but other parts are less separated. There is sometimes only one place to record how you meet the standards. Andre recommends that ISOPlanner integrate the modules, with the ability to add a tab, explanation or link for each standardization. SalesManager Software now chose to link to two different SharePoint documents. This led to some ambiguities here and there.

As of September 2022, SalesManager Software B.V. is officially certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. The company continues to use ISOPlanner to process the results of tasks.

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