Hordijk Group

The Hordijk Group mainly produces plastic packaging for the food industry. This is done at locations in Zaandam, Zevenhuizen, Delft and ‘s-Gravenzande. The company makes thermal packaging, injection molding packaging, EPS packaging and insulation, and greenhouse cover systems.

As Q&A manager, Govert van Bodegom is responsible for maintaining the various quality systems. Since the end of 2021, Hordijk Beheer has been using ISOPlanner to organize the tasks associated with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Easy to use and flexible

The old, task-oriented system had a link to MS Office, but was not very flexible and did not work well with the Outlook calendar. Scheduling recurring appointments via SharePoint, in the old system, was quite static. For example, the time between tasks had to be calculated precisely, which took a lot of time.

One of the employees wondered if there was another system. An hour later, he had found ISOPlanner on the Internet.

ISOPlanner schedules tasks immediately when you enter the number of days, after which a task returns. The tasks entered are visible in the calendar of the responsible employee. At Hordijk, 10 to 15 employees perform these tasks, 6 of them have a management position. These managers have insight into the performed and open tasks.

Employee reactions to ISOPlanner are positive: it works well and is efficient.

Implementation at your own pace

Meanwhile, the tasks of both ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 are in the ISOPlanner, they are now synchronous. The next step is to personalize the tasks; how and when an employee does this varies. Some people figure it out on their own, others need support in doing so. Ivar from ISOPlanner provides this support, he is readily available for questions and comes by for advice.

Now that the tasks have been introduced, Hordijk Beheer is taking the next step: putting the documents that go with the tasks into ISOPlanner. The expectation is that it will save time if everything is in one place.

Ease of use and great service

ISOPlanner is a start-up and Govert sees the advantages of that: lines of communication are short, there is plenty of room for questions, and all users benefit from the improvements customers indicate. In addition, cooperation is pleasant and the monthly costs are clear.

While using ISOPlanner, Hordijk employees get to know the program better and better. Sometimes there are questions that weren’t there in the beginning. Govert advises ISOPlanner to indicate clearly in advance what the costs are for answering questions and giving advice.

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