Case FinData

FinData is a platform for financial product data. It converts information that banks supply in pdf, for example interest sheets and conditions, into data files for software packages. They do that for all major Dutch banks.

Wendy Rockx works for Intersoftware Holding, which includes Intersoftware and FinData. Intersoftware is a customer of FinData and uses the data for the Adviesbox: advice software for mortgage advisors. Wendy handles company support, HR, office management and risk for both companies. She is involved in the ISO certification of both FinData and Intersoftware.

ISOPlanner makes certification clear

Both bv’s have been ISO-27001 certified since 2020. Before using ISOPlanner, Wendy worked for FinData with Confluence and documents were in a SharePoint environment.

Intersoftware had a risk manager until July 1, 2022, ISO certification was not a priority because from ING -a shareholder- stricter rules apply than this certification. Overview for ISO was therefore lacking.

Wendy and the risk manager went looking for software that offered an overview. They looked at various packages. They also asked Ivar van Duuren of ISOPlanner, who had previously worked for Intersoftware, for a demo. He showed how the package works in practice and that customization is possible. 

We started using ISOPlanner in January for ISO-27001 certification and the audit took place in September. Little preparation was required for this audit because everything was properly recorded so employees were able to adequately answer questions from the auditor.
Wendy Rockx


Everything in one place saves time

Intersoftware was audited in June 2022, according to the old way of working. From January 2022, FinData used the ISOPlanner and the audit took place in September 2022. Little preparation was needed for this audit; because everything is well recorded, staff were able to answer questions from the auditor adequately. Within FinData there are now five people working with ISOPlanner: Wendy keeps the overview, two of her colleagues pick up tasks and management has access.

The shareholder standards and related tasks have been added to the ISOPlanner by Wendy. These standards overlap with the ISO standards. Everything related to risk is now in one place, and updated in that place. In practice, this saves time.

Practical and user-friendly

Wendy can always turn to ISOPlanner with questions or comments; the staff are looking, thinking and coming up with solutions. If something is not quite logical or practical, they adjust it and include it in a subsequent release. For example, when planning recurring tasks, she wanted to have more choice than the first day of the month. She can now fill in the day freely, for example, the third Thursday of the month.

Meanwhile, Wendy knows well how ISOPlanner works and, after Intersoftware’s ISO audit in June, it was also populated with Intersoftware’s documentation and tasks. Previously, the audits of Intersoftware and FinData were done independently. Because of the overlap between the two bv’s in various areas such as accounting, HR and suppliers, the ISO certification will be merged by 2023. The product development audits of the different bv’s will remain separate. Working with ISOPlanner is easy and Wendy expects the merge to go smoothly.

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