About ISOPlanner

ISOPlanner prevents financial and reputational damage by helping organizations meet ISO standards in an approachable way.

ISOPlanner in a nutshell

ISOPlanner was founded in 2020 by Chris Tielkes and Ivar van Duuren. Both were responsible for ISO certification processes at previous employers. Both Chris and Ivar had experience with the fragmented approach with separate documents and the pressure to do it within a certain deadline. And also in addition to regular work.

A simpler system that provided overview and insight into the required actions and planning was their answer to this frustration. With its unique integration with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams, ISOPlanner provides a simple and clear tool for the certification manager during certification processes. It is immediately clear who needs to do what and when it is due at the latest. The team has since grown to include three developers.

Our story

Chris and Ivar met at the University of Twente in 1996 and kept in touch all those years. In 2018, the AVG law came into force and the strong desire arose to contribute with our own solution to make this compliance issue easier. And especially to make a unique contribution to making companies, people and work processes safer.

Some time later, when Chris’ then job ended, he decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dream of many years. Ivar also saw opportunities and decided to quit his job. The timing was right, the opportunities and the resources were there and that resulted in ISOPlanner.

Our software helps you easily get an overview of risks and measures within Microsoft 365 in order to comply with the most important standards.

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